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Reblog - 1 noteI have spent my whole day in this bed.  I think I’ll go sit outside for a few hours.   #blackgirlpastelhair #bluehair  #blueafro
Reblog - 2 notesPresent #3 a nice, lacy #eyepatch with dainty pearls :D. Thank you, Shannon!
Reblog - 1 notePresent #1.  Pretty sure these ce from Shannon. Thaaank yooooooou!  I’m glad to have more than plain old black #eyepatches. :)
Reblog - 1 note#naturalhair #afro
Reblog - 0 notesThe beau probably misses the #kiasoul more than he misses me. Lol
Reblog - 0 notesMy room is a mess of the hit variety.  #lineplay

I never shared my bday card from @blackicecream & aarica & mina. So, look & listen.

Reblog - 2 notesNavy, royal, and bluegreen #afro #pastelafro #blackgirlbluehair
Reblog - 0 notesA pic Mina took of me & a great #finalfantasy  cosplayer before I got sick #200lbsbeauty #animematsuri
Reblog - 0 notesI was about to touch up my pink & orange but decided to just use the aquamarine that @maph001dx got for me around mardi gras.  Totally gonna have a full head of green hair. Lol #blackgirlpastelhair
Reblog - 1 noteAnother super old pic.     After missing her by mere seconds after concerts about a million times in my life,  I finally met Melora at a private NYC party & took a picture with her.  Shout out to @samanthareiofficial for hiring me to do makeup for the party’s fashion show.  To @miesuku for being an amazing friend & letting me stay with your family. @yuffiebunny  for letting me borrow your camera that night. How I left mine in Mississippi,  I will never know.

#rasputina was my fav American band as a teen.  I truly grew up listening to them & probably wouldn’t be as awesome as I am without their spooky influence.
Reblog - 1 noteMe like a decade ago
Reblog - 1 noteThis my ma, ya’ll.   She has been taking care of me since the stroke.  Don’t tell her I put her on the internet.  Shhhhhhhhhh
Reblog - 0 notesLosing my eye is a very real possibility and I don’t think the gravity of the situation truly sank in until today.  I felt such peace in 2007 when the risk was actually death.  I guess right now I’m just really feeling that just when my life feels like it can get no worse, it does.  I should really stop testing fate with my “the only way out from here is up” positivity.  Honestly, things can always be worse.  The irony of studying visual art for a decade only to have a stroke that damages my vision is not lost on me.  I’ll laugh about it, later.
Reblog - 3 notes@shabamshaboozle knows how to make the sads go away. Thanks for the card!